Library News June 2015

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“Every Hero Has A Story To Tell,” this years’ Summer Reading Club theme, launched off on June 1st. So far we have 29 people who have joined with a total of 661 books & 4,060 pages. Indulging in excessive relaxation & fun & neglecting active education (HELLO, the whole reason why we have summer vacation) can lead to reading loss, especially in young children, which is why the Village Council has supported the annual SRC for over 15 years. Not only is it educational, but it is fun to compete with others, as well as work together to reach our goal of 2,000 books in ten weeks! So, if you haven’t joined, come on down to the library & sign up! We meet every Monday from 12-1 PM to turn in books & check out new ones. Members who have contributed have a chance to win a prize in a weekly drawing. We have new books, audio books, & DVDs trickling into the library, so come on down on Monday-Friday from 12-1 PM & 7-8 PM & on Saturdays from 6-8PM!


Library News - Jan 2015

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Christina led Eskimo Bingo

In true Igiugig fashion, New Years Eve was spent at a library event: Winter Games 2014. At 7PM we gathered to compete for the 2014 winners in both community and individual games. The community games were Eskimo Bingo, regular Bingo, a “banned word” competition, and “guess how many M&Ms?” Julie Salmon was the main Bingo winner. Karl and Alicia tied for the bracelet-stealing “banned word” game; “No” was the banned word, and Karl turned into