The Most Painful Day of My Life

Written by Aiden Wassillie age 9 on .

Aiden waiting for an Xray in Anchorage

Right after the first snow me, Keilan ,Danni, Jon, and Kaylee, were sledding at sand pit. Jon brought his dog sled and he said I could go first. At first it started to go straight, then it veered to the left. A second later it flipped on me I went flying in mid-air and I landed on my shoulder. I could hear the crack, and feel the pain. I got up and started to cry. Then I started to walk to Mr. Bee’s Honda. I was holding my shoulder and my Apa Randy told me to get in his truck and he brang me to the clinic and Marissa said it was a broken bone. Ida called Karl and he was leaving to Anchorage so it was lucky for me. The whole flight


Friendly Ghosts

Written by Keilan Wassillie age 8 on .

If you went through the haunted maze at our Halloween carnival, you know how spooky it was. Well, we wanted to make a maze that the preschool could go through. Here`s what we did we put sheets over two tables and we set up the desks like a maze we put slimy peeled grapes in a bowl like fake eyeballs. We used gummy worms for them to feel. We ripped pieces of paper up for a fake snow storm and we rolled pumpkins out in front of them. We set a fake fire with Christmas lights and orange and yellow tissue paper. We ate the fake eyes and the gummy worms and we ate chunky zombie fingers that we made out of string cheese and red peppers for the fingernails. We were being friendly ghosts.


Sweet Potatoes

Written by Kaylee Hill age 11 on .

Left side is Chubby and the right is Spud

Do you want a fun and easy way to grow a house plant? The elementary class has been growing sweet potatoes. Here is the way grow a sweet potato. First you get a cup and fill it with water. Then you take some toothpicks and stick them in the potatoes. Take the potatoes with the toothpicks in them and put them in the cup of water they there is only a little bit of potato sticking out. Then in about a week there will be roots coming out. I think you should plant one. Try it sometimes. We have been growing some. We even gave them names. There names are Chubby and Spud. We picked the names Spud because he is growing really fast. We picked the name Chubby cause he is short and chubby.