IVC Presidential Report

Written by
AlexAnna Salmon
23 January 2018

IVC Presidential Report
2017 Program Highlights and 2018 Pursuits

The Igiugig Village Council serves Igiugig, a self-sufficient village with strong cultural and environmental values. Our mission is to provide resources, programs, and infrastructure to enhance our quality of life.

In 2017, Igiugig Village Council administration, employees, and subsidiaries continued fulfilling our Comprehensive Community Strategic Plan and organizational mission.

BIA Programs & ICWA Social Services
The BIA continues to fund our main government staff. Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Tribal Clerks, Maintenance and Janitor Personnel, and all of our office supplies. It also staffs our Indian Child Welfare Assistance Program with a Social Services Director - Alicia Zackar. This year we are due for an Annual Single Audit which is scheduled for January. Since 2016, we have been through two more administrators - it is proving to be the hardest position to secure.

Environmental Program - IGAP
Stacy Hill, Director, and her interns continue to keep our community and landfill clean and beautiful. Soon the new recycling center will be operational.

Tribal Library
Igiugig Tribal Library continues to operate from IMLS and State funding, and under a Memorandum of Agreement to use the Igiugig School library space. Roz Goodman is our Professional Librarian who visits once a year and weeds our collection, conducts onsite training, and does our long-term library plan. We have two part-time Librarians who have trained under Roz.

IVC Rental Homes and NAHASDA Services
IVC has 7 rental homes, all occupied and 2 needing a water source. Stacie Garrison is the newly trained Director of NAHASDA. Our NAHASDA services and rental subsidies are budgeted to continue through 2018. We also budgeted a one-time down-payment for one HUD Section 184 loan program applicant. A shortage of adequate housing is an ongoing problem. Recommendations for people needing housing. 1. File housing applications with BBHA. 2. Request IVC to apply for BIA Housing Improvement Funds if you are an eligible applicant. 3. File for HUD Section 184 for a guaranteed low interest loan to have a new home constructed.

Igiugig Clinic & Emergency Services
Southcentral Foundation is currently n the process of hiring for two full-time health aides in Igiugig - one that is already trained and a new one. Coverage-to-date is provided via their itinerant pool. Our emergency response vehicles have been maintained (fire truck, PTV, rescue boat) and we have 5 ETT certified responders.

VPSO Program - no funding through BBNA for FY2017.

Igiugig Electric Company
Our primary operator Dave Hostetter continues to do an outstanding job.

Public Water System
In 2015 we upgraded from the community well to the surface water source. Dave has also been taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of the facility. Sheryl Wassillie has been keeping curret with the water quality monitoring requirements, including publishing our own Consumer Confidence Reports!

Dan Salmon Scholarship Fund & AVT Funds
We are in the process of awarding 1 AVT Fund and Scholarship Fund recipient.

Wanguta Qanriarait Nanvarparmiut Yugestun & Cultural Revitalization Efforts
2015 was the beginning of our 3 year language preservation and maintenance grant. We are now in our final year and are concentrating on the Yup'ik head start immersion; we currently have 7 students! We also have continued with community classes, weekly Yuraq practice, a trip to Bethel Ayaprum School, and a Yup'ik doll making workshop. In September 2017 we completed repatriation of our Kaskanak Ancestors. We have new Yup'ik signage that needs to be installed around the community. In October 2017, we were awarded a large Alaska Native Education grant for the Lake and Peninsula School District and will be working with 12 other communities teaching culture during the summer vacation. This is a 3 year grant.

Local Foods Program/Greenhouse Production
The greenhouse has been upgraded with grow lights and a shading system, the hoop houses and outdoor crops are complete. During the summer we have a routine Farmer's Market.

Iliamna Lake Contractors manage our roads program. We are continuing our Government-to-Government Program Agreements with the BIA that allows for more self-management of the program.

Hydrokinetic Project
IVC, in cooperation with ORPC, were the successful recipients of DOE funding: NEXT GENERATION MHK RIVER POWER SYSTEM, OPTIMIZED FOR PERFORMANCE, DURABILITY AND SURVIVABILITY. We were only awarded for one budget period and are currently searching for funding.
Our Wind Resource
IVC has one open grant with AEA for the design of a wind turbine project for Igiugig. Meanwhile, the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation is still supporting the vertical axis wind turbine test study, and are committed to installing a high penetration wind system if it works.

Capital Improvement Projects
In 2017 we completed repair of the bulk fuel farm retaining wall, and our elder van will be arriving in the summer.

Iliamna Lake Contractors and Iliaska Environmental
This report is being provided by Karl Hill, ILC General Manager and Tom Clark, ILC Operations Manager.

THANK YOU for another wonderful year serving this community and IVC Board.
Alussistuakegtaarmek Piamteggen Cali Allrakukegtaarmek!

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