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Nestled alongside Alaska's largest freshwater lake
and the crystalline Kvichak River

Igiugig is located at the mouth of Lake Iliamna along the Kvichak River. The name Igiugig, originated from a Yup'ik word igyaraq, meaning “like a throat that swallows water”. It is derived from the fact that we are located at the mouth of the Kvichak River (on the south bank) at its outlet from Lake Iliamna; the river “swallows” the lake. The Village's Church, St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Many residents in Igiugig maintain a traditional subsistence lifestyle, utilizing nearby abundant natural resources. The economy is driven by a mixture of commercial fishing and the operation of the Iliamna Lake Contractors, a company operated by the Village. Most residents travel around town or to other villages like Kokhanok, Levelock, Newhalen, and Iliamna by boat, ATVs, and snowmachines.

The Lake Iliamna drainage is known for its trophy rainbow trout and the Kvichak River boasts the largest sockeye salmon run in the world. The Village boasts some of the finest Trophy Rainbow Trout fishing in the entire world.

The Mulchatna Caribou herd of 40,000 plus caribou passes seasonally near our village. Wildlife is abundant in the region with bald eagles, geese, ducks, swan, brown bear, moose, caribou, wolves, fox, lynx, porcupine, ptarmigan, beaver, otter, mink, and muskrat all present in, around, or near Igiugig throughout the year.

Visitors to Igiugig have a chance to experience the Alaskan Wilderness in its truest form. Sport Fishing is available year round, while hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing, berry picking, and nature tours are also available to interested parties.

The population, as of 2000, is 71 people – primarily Yup'ik Eskimos, Aleuts, and Athabascans. Residents can trace their roots to the surrounding villages of Branch, Newhalen, Kaskanak Flats, Big Mountain, and Kukaklek Lake. Our people originally lived 7 miles downstream and used Igiugig as a fishcamp, but at the turn of the century they permanently settled here. Several residents are descendants of reindeer herders. There were Laplander reindeer stations located near Igiugig around 1905.

Enjoy viewing our pictorial display in the airport hangar building to learn more about the culture, values, and people of Igiugig.

The Igiugig Tribal Council publishes a monthly newsletter called "Igyararmiut Qallemciit" Download Latest Newsletter.

Igiugig welcomes visitors throughout the year. We believe we have some of the finest natural resources and recreational activities that Alaska has to offer. Whatever the length of your stay, the hospitality and recreational activities you will experience in Igiugig are second to none.

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